Galaxy on Fire 2

Categories: 30 Mar 2012

This 3d model of a¬†spaceship is a game object as well. The game itself was developed for mobile devices at a low specification level. That doesn’t mean to waive ¬†high quality visuals. To ensure not only visual high quality but also a technically smooth run on smartphones or tablets, alot of important steps have to be regarded. This small project also may show you, how you can present a 3d geometry with a completely different purpose on your website in your portfolio. After producing 3d assets they mostly get shown as 2d images or videos but the actual work can’t never be watched in its original state. Presenting them this way, may inspire prospective clients more successfully. An additional interactivity improves the display of your portfolio item and makes it even more interesting to watch.

Click the link below to start a 3d real-time demonstration in your web browser.

Start web player (2.8mb)

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