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Multinationale Konzerne verschieben ihre Gewinne um den Globus – und rechnen dabei ihre Steuerlast klein. SPD und GrĂ¼ne wollen mehr Transparenz schaffen und bringen einen Antrag in den Bundestag ein: Deutsche Unternehmen sollen ausweisen, wie viele Steuern sie in jedem Land zahlen.



I've been working for over 11 years in the computer game industry, the last years in the position as art director. By achieving a lot of knowledge regarding work flows, technical background as well as efficient task management I'm encouraged to fulfill your high expectations.



We are visualizing your products and ideas in real-time 3d for web browsers, mobile devices as well as stand-alone applications. It doesn't matter what kind of product or idea you want to get visualized. Whatever you can imagine, can be produced to inspire your clients or customers.

3D Real-Time


The possibilities with real-time graphics are phenomenal. You are not limited to images or even videos anymore. Virtually present your product with the full functionality of the real one. The average PC has became powerful the last years so promoting your products this way is a great possibility.

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